I Am Going To Become a Pro Drone Pilot

Wait What? Well, you all might know I take a pretty nice picture. On the ground that is super easy. I can go to a DOE ARM site and take a pic and say “Yep, its me! Scott Collis, Atmospheric Scientist from Argonne.” I love it, the media loves it DOE loves it, Argonne loves it..

I’m a aviation geek and map nerd. I was born for this.
So much here! Sunset over Chicago at 400ft above my house.

So, first, I am going to post some pic here.. These pics are taken by me in a completely personal capacity. Let’s say WTTW says “hey Scott amazing pic of that sunset over Chicago, can we use it?” Usually I would say “Sure! just say ‘Scott Collis, Atmospheric Scientist, Argonne National Lab'”. Now, flying a drone, and rightly so, different concept. Planes and all.

Well, you might ask, why even bother with drone photography? Getting up a bit higher really puts those clouds into context. Being above the ground (max 400 feet) helps show the 3D structure of clouds so much better the the perspective on the ground. And no blockage!

DuPage forest preserve. Once permitted so much fun to fly!

DOE has no exceptions for less than 250g. I will need to get a “107” licence and pass a physical. I will then need to find some like minded individuals at the lab (I have some in mind) to do the same. Reading the requirements for the test it is all about regulations, weather and sectional maps.. Wait? I get to do this? This sounds like my type of fun. (note Argonne is paying for none of this… yet).

So, now starts a new itch in my life… Play along at home..